Body pillow

I have a body pillow. It is really comfortable to sleep with. I’m hooked. But apparently, some people hate them, I found out the hard way.


Some time ago I met a lady. We went on a coffee date, then a couple of drinks and dinner at a restaurant on the third date. The fourth date we had at her place. Cooked dinner, drank some wine, watched a movie, talked a lot, and of course kissed – a really nice evening, romantic, I have to admit I was head over my heels. And it felt like she was too. We planned about going to an art gallery the next day, there was an interesting exhibition.


It was quite late, so I told her that I should go home to sleep. She said I could stay at her place, she had a big bed, big enough for both of us. I told her that I’m so used to sleeping with my body pillow, so I probably couldn’t sleep without it.  She said that we don’t have to sleep. But I was tired, and I couldn’t go to the art gallery the next day without sleeping, so I left and went home.


The next day I phoned her and asked when we are we going to the art gallery. She said ”You better go with your body pillow! And hung up.


I’ll never learn to understand women. What’s wrong with body pillows?

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