Body pillow

I have a body pillow. It is really comfortable to sleep with. I’m hooked. But apparently, some people hate them, I found out the hard way.   Some time ago I met a lady. We went on a coffee date, then a couple of drinks and dinner at a restaurant on the third date. The

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New neighbour

New neighbour moved in next door today. Pretty and curvy lady, recently divorced. I just saw her when I took garbage out. She was bit drunk, giggled to my jokes like little girl. We talked quite a while. She told me that moving and carrying all those boxes had made her muscles stiff, and it

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Spiritual awakening

I have never been religious, but now that I’m getting older, I have realised that I won’t live forever. Maybe it’s time for me to think about my options regarding afterlife.   After studying all religions, and careful consideration, I’ve decided that Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, also called Pastafarianism, is my kind of

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